What is AcuDetox?


Acupuncture for detoxification is a specialized form of acupuncture.  The NADA protocol is performed by placing five thin, sterile, single use needles into specific areas of each ear.  AcuDetox is done individually or in a group setting and is administered by an acupuncture detoxification specialist. 

The treatment is designed, and is clinically proven, to play a major role in the alleviation of cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol & substance abuse, nicotine use and even sugar abuse.  AcuDetox is also used for acute stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, irritability...wherever there is a mind-body disconnect. 

AcuDetox works to restore and calm from the inside out...leading us back to a more balanced body, mind & spirit.

Cost of Treatment:



Private Yoga Instruction          

Meditation Instruction            

Conditions Treated:

· Addictions

       - alcohol

       - drugs

       - nicotine

       - sugar

· Cravings

· Stress

· Anxiety

· Depression


Nashville AcuDetox & Yoga

Green Hills Natural Health Clinic

Hobbs Building
4205 Hillsboro Pk Suite 306
Nashville, TN 37215


Ann Coffey, ADS,  RYT


Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

Registered Yoga Teacher


“Helping You Find Your Path to Balance“







                     ~  $35 per treatment

~   Packages available for multiple treatments

                     ~  $60 per hr.

                     ~  $60 per hr.