Private Yoga  Instruction

Yoga is an ancient tradition that enables us to create a more balanced body and peaceful mind.  Yoga is the perfect antidote to our busy, stressful lives.  Literally meaning unity, yoga utilizes the power of breath, gentle stretching and time tested postures to strengthen and balance the body and calm the mind.

What is Private Yoga?

Private yoga lessons provide a personal, applicable experience that focuses on the individual needs of the student.  Initial assessment, individualized instruction and a customized practice plan are included.  Come for a few sessions to get a plan you can practice at home, or come more regularly for continued support and guidance.

What are the Benefits  of Yoga?

Your individual yoga practice plan can:

· Increase flexibility and strength

· Increase fertility

· Ease musculoskeletal pain

· Reduce Stress

· Regulate mood and emotions

· Release tension

· Strengthen the immune system

· Improve self-confidence and self awareness


Yoga has many additional benefits.  Please contact Ann to discuss your individual health issues.

Meditation Instruction

Meditation is another ancient tradition that enables us to create a more peaceful mind, body and spirit.  In meditation,  you learn to focus attention, become mindful of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and to observe them in a non-judgmental way.   Practicing meditation helps to build and/or strengthen our inner tools necessary to change how we relate to the flow of emotions and thoughts.


What are the benefits of Meditation?

· Increase calmness

· Physical relaxation

· Improve psychological balance

· Increase ability to cope with illness, and daily stressors

· Enhance overall health and well-being



Ann Coffey, ADS,  RYT


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Registered Yoga Teacher


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